[Afgelast] Meetup met Freek van der Herten over debugging met Ray

Wat zegt Freek over zijn Talk?

"XDebug is a great step debugger for PHP that is helpful in a lot of situations. For fixing smallish issues though, some people tend to dump debugging information with functions like vardumpand printr, ....If you have many of such statements, and have fixed the bug, it can be troublesome to hunt down and remove them. Everybody has probably forgotten at least once to remove it and pushed it to production.

Ray (https://myray.app) is a desktop application that aims to solve these problems. In this talk we'll go over which debugging options there are in PHP and how Ray can improve your dump and die debugging experience in Laravel. Finally we'll take a look under the hood of Ray and discuss the internals."


  • 18.00 / Inloop (en wat te eten)

  • 19.00 / Talk (To be announced)

  • 19.45 / Talk (To be announced)

  • 20.30 / Pauze (15 min.)

  • 20.45 / Talk: Debugging Laravel apps faster with Ray (Freek Van der Herten)

  • 21.30 / Afsluiting en netwerken

Soort event
Tuesday 23 November 2021
18:00 - 22:00
Bitfactory | Digital Agency Rotterdam
Soort event